Video Editor, Content Strategist & Production manager

About Me

My name is Jordan Thacker, I’m an experienced Digital Content Manager and Video Editor with over 7 years behind me working in the digital media industry. Skilled in Video Production/Post-Production, Adviser, Community Management, Internet Video Production, Content Strategy, and Social Media.

I was born in Pikeville, Kentucky but currently live and work out of Lexington, Kentucky. I’m married to my beautiful wife, Elle who is from London, United Kingdom. She helps me with everything work related and is part of the ZanitorTv business. I consider myself a southern gentleman with a British twang due to I’ve slightly lost my accent since marrying my wife and living in the UK for 6 months previously.

You can find me on multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Often you will also find my wife and I writing blog posts on ACupOfLex which is our blog for all things local or fun to Lexington/Central Kentucky. I also manage the Sips – Live! YouTube channel full time while editing all of the videos, filling all metadata and more!

On the side, I record and upload stock video footage which you can buy on my Pond5 page. I truly enjoy the experience of video making all the way from the filming to the editing stages. Challenges are what make it fun and I think that’s an important thing to remember.



Content Strategist / Manager / Video Editor

Company Name: Sips – Live

Dates Employed: Apr 2015 – Present

Employment Duration: 2 yrs 9 mos

Location: Lexington, Kentucky and Jersey Channel Island, UK

-I run the Sips – Live! YouTube channel for Chris Lovasz of The Yogscast. I ensure all of his live streams make their way onto the channel in 30 minute to 1 hour sections for 143,000+ subscribers to enjoy. With over 25,000,000 all-time views, averaging 400,000+ views a month it is constantly growing and being enjoyed by many.

Content Strategist/ Video Editor / Adviser

Company Name: ZackScottGames

Dates Employed: Apr 2013 – Present

Employment Duration: 4 yrs 9 mos

– Video Editing video game footage into funny highlights for over two million viewers.
– Taking data of the audience to shape future content.
– Ensuring the videos have been properly published as requested.

Video Editor / Production Manager / Channel Manager

Company Name: Freelance

Dates Employed: Oct 2010 – Present

Employment Duration: 7 yrs 3 mos

Location: Remote

– Video editing, production of video content and YouTube channel management for Sips – Live and ZackScottGames.

– Previously managed the TobyGames, Tobuscus and TobyTurner YouTube channels.

Internet Personality

Company Name: ZanitorTv

Dates Employed: 2010 – Present

Employment Duration: 7 yrs

– Produce content published to the YouTube and platforms.
– Work with brands such as Lootcrate, EA, Warner Bros. Interactive and Paradox Interactive.
– From 2010 to October 2015 with Machinima. Now with ZackScott from October 2015 to present.

Content Management / Video Editing / Project Development

Company Name: Tobuscus Inc.

Dates Employed: Oct 2010 – Sep 2011

Employment Duration: 1 yr

– Coordinated and ensured content was published to desired platforms.
– Worked with brands such as EA, Ubisoft, RoosterTeeth and IGN.